On 31st January. An activity of Peace Rally have taken place in Lahore (Pakistan) by the collaboration of PNCC (many NGOs) civil societies in which our organization (Aaghaz Foundation) have taken a special part for organizing this rally.


AAGHAZ FOUNDATION, GODH and UMANG Development Foundation have organized a Dialogue, in collaboration with UNDP and IPHD on December 28th, to 30th 2008, in Holiday Inn Hotel, Lahore Pakistan. The following contents have to be discussed under discussion & Dialogue.
  • Energy Crisis & Food Crisis (1st Day)
  • Education Services (2nd Day)
  • Health & Housing Planning (3rd Day)
Different Social Activist, Political Experts, and lawyers were participant on above discussed dialogue. Aaghaz Foundation had held two Citizen Speak of Policy Consultation on “Implementation of 18th Amendment” & “Public Spending on Education” on 26-06-2010 & 28-06-2010 respectively, at Hotel Ambassador Lahore, with the cooperation of SDPD Joint Project of the Parliament of Pakistan, IPU and UNDP. This dialogue was consisting on different stakeholders, welfare society’s members, (NGOs,/CCBs). All Participant’s recommendations and findings have undertaken in the kind perusal of Parliamentarians for effective legislation on both issues.

Future Plans:

  • CCBs Mobilization and Training of CCBs on Project Cycle Management
  • Adult Literacy Programme in collaboration with Literacy department
  • Dialogues on various social and political issues in schools/ colleges/ universities with students with support of administration and education networks
  • Weekly Dialogue Club for youth will be continued and strengthened.
  • Establish a women councilor network and through this network provide backup for active women participation in election, i.e expected in 2009.
  • Planed different advocacy campaign launch in 2009.